Why even 50 Surya Namaskaras a day by yourself is not improving your health?

5 Reasons why Yoga should be practiced under the guidance of a teacher?

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

1. Your self-practice might not yield the desired results.

Whereas, practicing under a teacher’s direct guidance will show significant improvement in your posture, techniques, and therefore results.
Take this frog, for example, he has been trying Ujjayi for months.. but he could have picked it up way quicker if he had taken up guided yoga classes.

Mr.Froggy yogi trying to master Ujjayi

2. Losing track of Asana count

Ok. Guys this might seem silly… But have you tried to practice by yourself? Let’s take the case of Suryanamaskara practice again. Have you ever asked yourself in the middle of your practice… “Did I just do the Asana on the right side or was it my left??” Comment “yes” below if you have. Because it would help me know I am not the only one.
With a teacher guiding the session, you just have to listen to the instructions and follow… Phew, I know even that is tough sometimes because you have to concentrate and all…But definitely easier than having to remember the count on each side!!

Pup trying to balance in Tadasana

3. Not knowing your limitations:

My yoga practice started with youtube videos. I am sure it is the same for a million others. While youtube is a good start to try out yoga for the first time for free, there is this danger of overdoing it. I know I went all in, the first time I tried youtube Suryanamaskar.

Typed in ‘Suryanamaskar practice’ on youtube. The first result said…5 Reps for newbies!! “No! I am not a newbie!“ My Ego did not accept! So picked up a 25 rep video instead… Only to end up with a bad backache that whole week!!
A teacher is the one who will make us conscious of our limits and helps us overcome those in a healthy manner.

Look at this cute pup trying to balance well in tadasana!! This is a great example of a limitation. Or maybe you could just use the cuteness of it ;)

4. Discipline

I am going to let the meme speak for itself first!

I used to do some slow and cozy stretches and call it yoga until I took up a real guided yoga session! I know now that I was only fooling myself. You should beware of this… You might end up with no improvement in health but just the false satisfaction that you have practiced YOGA.

5. You don’t need a fifth reason other than Self-Love

Because trust me! Investing in guided yoga classes can be the best thing you can gift yourself, for better physical, mental and spiritual health. Your mind-body-soul will thank you for it. Let yoga heal you, guide you to light:)

Hope to see you on mat very soon.


Dharani Mallikarjunan

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