The Story of Patanjali

Once there was confusion in the entire world. It was chaos and people did not know the right way to live. There was so much sorrow in the world. Unaware of what is to be done, the people of the world approached their savior, Lord…

A few years back I went through a situation which made me a closed person unable to trust anyone. I would approach everyone I met ,with caution ! I wouldn’t believe anyone until they proved themselves ‘trustworthy’ ..

I would stay closed and put a lock across my heart! …

Because Love dies between what it actually is and what you think it should be

Why are we afraid to love?

We have tried to run from our love, but our souls crave this magic

Why love?

It is love alone, that leads to right action. What brings order in…

Often on the spiritual path , there is talk about detachment !
And common people confuse it with dispassion or lack of passion or
at times even hatred.
It is thought to be about a person not caring and be cut off from the
But, detachment on the contrary , as spoken…

Thanks to B.M.Hegde sir

Understanding any subject can be boiled down to our understanding of its functional unit.

For example, to understand electricity, it is important and enough to understand the functionality of an electron and how it causes the flow of electricity in turn.

Likewise, To understand the human…

What is the root cause of all the suffering for the human race?

When someone is jealous,

When someone is depressed,

When someone is possessive,

When someone is hating another person,

What do you see?

Do you see a mere emotion?

Do you see who is right and who is wrong?

What do you see?

Photo by arash payam on Unsplash

Ok. Leave others… Let’s talk about you!


Why could have humans needed God? Ever thought about it?

Humans are social learners. We influence and learn from each other.

This can be seen best in a newborn.

When it comes into the world, it has no idea as to what to do with the wiggling parts of its own body. Or how to use them.

It looks at…

It is Divine December 😊 and 2020 has more than enough reasons for us to approach the divine, is it not? The biggest question is — “What is divine?”. To each one of us it might mean very different things. For some like me, the immediate association that comes to…

Following the Divine within

When Apes evolved into Humans, evolution took a big leap forward. No longer would things be the same as they were before humans appeared. Because we humans were different. The animals before us were easily satisfied. They only needed food for energy to survive, fight, and reproduce. Shelter to be…

Awakening to your soul one step at a time

Last week I was provided with a very daunting task! I was supposed to clean my bathroom tiles!! This is the moment when one regrets of being the first to choose the largest bathrooms in the house for oneself. While cleaning the bathroom tile seems to be one of the…

Atma Yoga Shala

Yoga for you, Yoga for all. Because it’s the coolest way to stay ahead. LIVE. LOVE. LEARN. with AYS.

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