“All the World’s a Stage, And all the men and women mere players” — William Shakespeare

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That must ring a bell in almost everybody’s ears, right? Why bell and why not a conch? Well it could be anything, but that sentence means that we all should be able to recollect reading this poem at some point in our life.

I met this poem during my school days at those fateful English classes. We had a surprising way of analysing the poems and that was called “Explain with Reference to Context “. I can remember it carried 10 marks on the English question paper. Sometimes these poems were too heavy on my then (perhaps even now) little brain.

The teacher would at great depths explain what the poet tries to convey through his poems, what his thoughts were, what was running in his mind…. (I was sure that the poets left behind some notes about those poems that they wrote so that others would explain them ) and in doing all this the teacher never did ask …

what I understood,

what my thoughts were… and

what was running in my mind! (The only thought was — why did he ever write a poem!!!)

Well my duty then was to listen as I donned the role of a student!!!!

I have always dreamt of the time when my name is called out at the award function as

The academy award for the role of best actor goes to ……Tada !!!!

You can imagine, if that is my dream then how good an actor I should become. Nevertheless, I do a lot of role play quite naturally.

Of the multifarious roles that I play I list 5 of them below

  1. Man — The most iconic hero.

Me: Know this! Men don’t cry. period.

She: What is that? that trickle down your face from those eyes…

Me: Wait what ?! oh my eyes are sweating! Just sweating.

2. Son — the most dutiful

Me: Why is that you are on the mobile always?

Dad: I am just watching what I like

Me: You are on the mobile, always. Never mindful of your age. Do you even respect your body?

After some time ……

Dad: Why are you on the mobile now?

Me : ahem…..uh..uh… don’t ask me this now! This is office related. It is important…by the way ..What is my age and what is yours?. You should not be seeing too much mobile.

3. Employee

Me: I am working a lot …too much. Am I being paid less? Probably yes …

After some time

Me: Oh, I need to work better. Record my objectives. Learn better. Where do I see myself in next two years — Sourcing Manager.

Later in the day

Me: This management always looks out for profit. It never thinks about the employee. This company should have better policies.

4. The Citizen

Me: We must improve as a country. Nobody has respect. The politicians are corrupt. We call it democracy, but it seems to be demo-crazy!

Mom: Throw the garbage out

Me: Have you tied in a plastic bag? I ll just throw it out then.

5. The Friend

Me: I have to help my Friends. They help me whenever I need. I need to rush now because they have called.

Dad: Hey, can you recharge my mobile? The validity ends today

Me: Dad! I am busy. Can’t you help yourself?

We all don a lot of roles in our daily life, don’t we? The fun fact is most times, we don’t realise that we are playing roles much too seriously than necessary. It becomes quite interesting when I realise that the things I do or say depends on the role I think I play at a point in time. Here are some points to ponder

  1. Role plays are integral to our interactions with world. Even the ascetic who calls himself one plays the role.

Patanjali (No not the Indian brand guys!) — the person who gave us the science of Yoga defines Yoga as Citta Vrtti Nirdoah ! Now I will try to Explain this with Refence to Context 😊

Citta — loosely translated as mind

Vritti — Activities of the Mind! Do you realise how many of them are there?

Nirodah — Cessation (rather for beginners like us I would say control)

So simply put Yoga basically reduces the activities of our mind. the very same activities which make us the great actors that we become unassumingly. It brings to light those masks which we wear unknowingly. Yoga helps us become aware and with awareness comes the clarity of

  1. What role should I play now?

When was the last time you played a role and what was the dialogue you delivered? Do you think you could have avoided it had you been more aware? Drop your comments below.

PS: Acceptance Speech: Thank you so much! This is a dream come true for me. I can’t believe it. Oh my God, thank you so much. …. I would like to thank my parents. They have been such a huge support. I would thank my mentors, my teachers, the director, the producer, ……

Distant chattering …..sound becomes louder and louder …. A familiar voice ……

Mom: Aravind!! Wake up now! Its already late and you will anyway be doing that Yoga practice for an hour!


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