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3 min readJan 22, 2021


Thanks to B.M.Hegde sir

Understanding any subject can be boiled down to our understanding of its functional unit.

For example, to understand electricity, it is important and enough to understand the functionality of an electron and how it causes the flow of electricity in turn.

Likewise, To understand the human nature, it is essential and quite sufficient if we understand the functional unit of us humans, a cell.

A cell is the unit of our life.

And this unit of life that is in me, is in you as well. We are all just a group of cells assembled in different possible combinations.

There are just too many combinations possible between all the trillions of cells that, there is no human similar to another!

“You and I are a colony of 100 trillion individual human beings called Cells.

Each cell is an individual being. It has got its own mind, survival instincts and it does every function that a human body does.

It had been living as a single unit for millions of years

For economic reasons, they came together. They thought — “Why do every work every day? Let us split the work” thus evolving into a multi-cellular being.

They eventually evolved into a human being where a few cells came together to work for excretion, a few for breathing in, a few for taking care of the nervous system, etc.”


Photo by Noorulabdeen Ahmad on Unsplash

Now, why should we even consider this topic?

Because, the ultimate truth that all of us seek, is hidden in this simple cell biology.

This knowledge shows us as a fact that we are all made up of a bunch of cells that decided to hang out together to form a living being!

And fundamentally, we are all same!!

We are all ONE!

This is the ultimate truth.

And this is the only knowledge worth the pursue!

In fact, understanding this truth is the key to health as well!

What is health? It is the state where all the cells within us are in harmony with each other.

Cells love each other so much.

And the cells in me loves the cells in you. Because cells know no color, sex, nationality, etc.

Now, when I hate another person, the cells in me are confused.

They think

“Those cells are of our community too...

But why does this fellow hate them?

Are we supposed to hate those cells too then?

Wait, are we supposed to hate all the cells??”

Now our cells are confused and they start hating the cells within ourselves as a result.

B.M.Hegde sir says, this is the reason for all the auto-immune diseases in us!

He even takes this concept to a bigger scale.

He says universal compassion is the ultimate key to being healthy for the whole of humanity.

If we as human beings are built up of cells, our health is based on how harmoniously the cells within us live together.

And if we consider humanity as a single entity, we humans as its building blocks make up that entity. And if we humans learn to live harmoniously with each other, how can humanity see any harm?

If the cells work so diligently in keeping us healthy, should we not all work together in keeping the whole of humanity healthy?!

“I am you, just with a different set of distractions. The ultimate goal is one. Oneness is the truth. We just pick up temporary differences and separate ourselves from the state of Oneness. Being aware of this could be the first step in overcoming the loneliness that our generation is facing!”

Thanks to B.M.Hegde sir for his enlightening speeches. This blog is just my humble try in sharing some of his profound thoughts mixed with my own understanding of oneness.

We are One. And that is a fact!

It is time to wake up to it!


Dharani Mallikarjunan



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