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It was a usual Sunday evening. The evening sun had already bid good bye having cast its beautiful colours on an otherwise colourless day. I was at my favourite place. With two big soft cushions to support my stiff back I sat lazily watching the idiot box. The point is, that the adjective “idiot” does not describe the box but the one who sits in front of it. From that day to this day I am the idiot.

So, gazing at TV screen where the lifeless animations stirred my soul, something that flew by caught my attention. It was a big beautiful butterfly. The big flappy wings had patterns and colours of the tiger. It flew by and sat near the tube light that was right above the television. In a moment I lost attention to the animated screen and the living butterfly engrossed me. Then there was a quick movement. It was the house gecko. My heart raced. I started sweating sitting right under the fan. The fear that the gecko would eat the butterfly gripped every inch on my being. What should I have done? Should I have drove the gecko away or should I have been a witness to a scene which nature intended? Why did that scene evoke my emotion of fear and anxiety or why was I fascinated by the beautiful butterfly?

Yoga aims at the wholesome development of the individual. While all of us have a beautiful body, humans mostly live only in their minds. According to the Yoga Sutras the mind has 5 main type of activities which include right understanding, wrong understanding, imagination, sleep and memory. The interplay of the five activities leads us to act and our actions lead to further multiplications or strengthening of the activities. A cyclic reaction!

If you had read our previous blog –“The 5 masks I wear” , you would know what the Yoga Sutra defines Yoga as. (If not, I recommend you read that now).

Our reactions to the outside world can reveal a lot to us about the content we carry inside.

“To Understand oneself is the beginning of Wisdom “- J Krishnamurthy

“Your own self realization is the best help you can render the world” – Ramana Maharishi

On that account, I request you to read the poem below. What does it evoke in you? Where do you resonate and where you don’t?


I hope you drop in your responses and while you are doing that I am back at the my sofa with two big cushions supporting my stiff back. I am back in front of the Idiot box staring at the animated images which stir my soul.


— aravind subramanian

The Idiot

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